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Steve Wilson (since 2011)

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Spring, Texas

Previous Supplier Rate
12.84 cents per kWh
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(multiple renewals since 2011)
Annual Home Usage
17,000+ kWh’s
Current Contract Length
24 months
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Oak Ridge, Texas

Previous Supplier Rate
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Annual Home Usage
15,000+ kWh’s
Current Contract Length
36 months
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Tom Stoerzbach (since 2012)

Retired from Hewlett Packard

Houston, Texas

Previous Supplier Rate
10.68 cents per kWh
Energy Promo Codes Rate
8.60 cents per kWh
(multiple renewals since 2012)
Annual Home Usage
21,000+ kWh’s
Current Contract Length
36 months
Total Savings:
Over $2,000 since using Energy Promo Codes

We help you to avoid nasty billing surprises. Our trustworthy plans have no gimmick rates.

You’ve seen gimmick rates advertised under catchy names that sound like bargains… but they can create shocking billing surprises. You can see the gimmicks in each plan’s EFL.
What’s an EFL?

Beware of these gimmicks:

Variable Rate Flex Plans

Some plans allow homeowners to buy non-fixed variable rates that promote “flexibility”. However, flexibility comes with risks. These plans expose customers to unstable prices, and often rates are low on the front end, but increase significantly after several months when you’re not paying attention. One real-time rate provider reported over a dozen rate spikes in one year, which drove the cost to over $1 per kWh. Yikes!

If you see a rate that’s 5 cents or less, your Gimmick Warning alarm should go off. These plans either nail you by requiring that your usage hits a specific number of kWh in a given month that’s almost impossible to hit (for example, precisely 1000 kWh), or require that your usage remains within a very narrow band. The actual rate you pay can be up to 25 cents/kWh!

Big Cash Rebates

Providers that offer cash rebates of hundreds of dollars are not emptying their bank accounts to put dough in your wallet and give you a discount rate. They hope to enroll you in an expensive 2-year plan which is significantly higher than normal plans to get their rebate back and make an enormous profit on top.

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