What’s special about providers featured on Energy Promo Codes? Scratch

We are highly selective in the providers we feature. Why? Because our goal is for you to never worry about your electricity service again. Our providers offer everyday deep discount rates, “no gimmick” pricing and competent billing. TriEagle Energy perfectly fits our criteria. They’ve been in business since 2003 and have consistently earned the Better Business Bureau’s “A” rating due to their focus on keeping customers happy. We’re confident that once you experience their rates and service, you’ll never want to switch suppliers again.

Can I call or chat with a TriEagle operator to help me enroll? Scratch

You bet! TriEagle operators are ready to help you by phone or chat. But if you speak with an operator, be sure to give them the promo code “LOU” to receive your discount. You will always receive a reduction off of TriEagle’s public rate by using our code… so if you decide to leave TriEagle’s site and enroll later, write down the code or return here.

Shouldn’t I just buy direct from the provider? Scratch

When you use our promo code, your price will always be cheaper than TriEagle’s public rates. See for yourself by going to their site, then checking rates with and without our code. Our high volume relationship gives us negotiating power to deliver lower-than-market rates to you. When you enroll in a plan, you receive a discount, we receive a small fee from the provider and the provider receives a new customer. It’s a win, win, win.

If I have an outage, will my power be turned on fast with a discount provider? Scratch

Regardless of what electricity provider you buy from, the same regulated transmission utility corrects outages and maintains power lines in your area. Providers have no impact on when lights are turned on. Today’s providers, including the old names that used to be monopolies, are simply marketing companies that sell an identical product – electricity. So why pay more?

How much can I save with TriEagle? Scratch

Customers can often save up to 40% on their electricity bills due to TriEagle’s everyday low rates in combination with our exclusive discount code. When comparing rates, you’ll see how much TriEagle can save you versus other brands by reviewing the state-mandated “Electricity Fact Label” (EFL), or equivalent disclosure, for all rates. TriEagle can afford to sell its energy for less because of its efficient systems and low overhead… and they keep their rates low because they want you as a lifetime customer.